We are Alan & Ginny Crocker, a semi-retired husband and wife team living in Adelaide, South Australia.

Travel is our passion

We have travelled to over 60 countries and mostly designed our own itineraries

Our destinations have been diverse and our focus is on living in the local neighbourhood rather than hotels in tourist areas

We have also been on small group / private tours for easier access through Cuba, Indochina, Caucasus, Botswana, Iceland, Israel, Jordan, Egypt & Morocco for example.


Such travel experiences are becoming more popular as over-tourism has become an issue.



Thank you Alan and Ginny for taking all our ideas and demands and producing an amazing experience for us. 


Persia, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and a cruise that took us to Jordan, through the Suez, the UAE and Oman to Sri Lanka, all in three months and all with no hiccups. 


Everything was well organised and flowed smoothly, the actual countries were amazing as were the guides on each sector.

It was quite a feat on your part and for us the angst was removed allowing us to relax and enjoy each day and country.


Be ready for our 2021 lists and requests!


Donna & Peter February 2020 


Alan - Owner / Manager

+61 417 823 935

Ginny - Owner / Consultant

+61 417 814 631