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The world of travel has changed and future travel will be very different

Are you ready for the new style of travel experience ?

  • customized and personalized itineraries

  • itineraries built from your input

  • any destination, any duration, any budget - you decide

  • immersion and experiences not just sightseeing


This is the space we have always worked in so we are ready for you

What we offer at PYT is quite UNIQUE and designed to be exactly what you want your travel experience to be

  • destination based or experienced based and packaged for maximum enjoyment and value

  • proven travel providers and experienced destination hosts will ensure a memorable trip

  • completely customized itineraries with those little extras to ensure your holiday starts from the moment you walk out the door until you return home

Build your own dream holiday

  • dont hold back - tell us exactly what you want and how you like to travel

  • we will build an itinerary that maximizes the experience you have requested

  • you can input into the itinerary all the time as we together shape it to your liking

  • you choose how you travel, where you stay, what you see & do and how much you spend

  • we are connected to many travel providers around the world that are not on the books of most other travel agents

We can arrange anything

  • combine a cruise with a land journey - done

  • experience luxury train travel - done

  • fly business class - done

  • want to go "off the grid" for a cultural / eco experience - done

  • pick your own "Wonders of the World" and we will get you to all of them seamlessly - done

  • immerse yourself deep in the Amazon - done

  • enjoy the cold ? - take a journey to Antarctica and the Arctic - done

  • Venice with no cruise ships - done

  • visit Arnhem Land with an aboriginal guide - done

We can help you fly, drive, cruise or rail yourself to any destination on any continent at any time


Let us tell you more about what we can do for you - no obligation, no cost to connect up and discuss what you want

We want to exceed your expectations

Ginny & Alan Crocker


South Australia

November 2021