We are Alan & Ginny Crocker, a semi-retired husband and wife team living in Glengowrie, South Australia.

Travel is our passion

We have travelled to over 60 countries and mostly planned our own independent itineraries though some countries are best visited in a small group organized tour or series of day tours

Our destinations have been diverse and our focus is on experiencing the culture where we travel not just the tourist sites


As the travel industry emerges post COVID people are looking for different experiences that connect them more to the people and culture of their travel destinations

Also the demand for safe travel options has seen private, independent and small group travel options grow rapidly

This has been our "space" for some time now

You are invited to discover and join us on a very different travel service journey for your future experiences

Have fun

Ginny & Alan


Horse & Buggy in Romania

No bitumen here

Jamaica on Rex's tropical fruit farm

With a survivor of the Khmer Rouge Pol Pot genocide in Cambodia

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 6.05.41 pm.png

Gastronomo dining

Under the Enchanted Fig Tree

Kangaroo Island