We are Alan & Virginia Crocker, a semi-retired husband and wife team living in Adelaide, South Australia.

Travel is our passion

We have travelled to over 50 countries mostly designing our own itinerary

Our destinations have been diverse and our focus is on living in the local neighbourhood rather than hotels in tourist areas

We have also been on small group tours for easier access through Cuba and Indochina for example




Thanks to Alan and Virginia our three week Alaska/Rockies/Falls trip was an outstanding success. We had previously been on a three week trip to Cuba organised by Alan and Virginia through friends of ours. On this occasion Alan and Virginia provided us with a friendly, comprehensive, cost effective and timely service that would be hard to match. Through their comprehensive travel experience, they were able to choose first class packages and pass their travel agent discounts on to us. Detailed travel schedules were provided and several changes were dealt with promptly and cheerfully. Alan's piece de la resistance came towards the end of our trip. We had a sudden need to return home promptly (depart within 24 hours). When we phoned Alan it was 8pm his time and he was in Bali on holiday with Virginia. Within about three hours he had organised a 40 hour trip home with all flights rescheduled and  re-ticketed and hotels cancelled. The trip home worked perfectly. He seemed to delight in the challenge, despite the fact it took him late into the night. We highly recommend Alan and Virginia (Please Yourself Travel) for any travellers wanting a personalised service, expert advice and individualised travel arrangements. Graeme October 2019


Alan - Owner / Manager

+61 417 823 935

Ginny - Owner / Consultant

+61 417 814 631



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