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The following are the core principles of our policy


  • We will never refund to you less than we get refunded from the supplier on cancellation

  • We will aim to include in your cancellation refund 20% [discretionary] of our fee / commission that is in amounts you have paid to us [consistent with our discounting by commission sharing when quoting to you]

  • For postponements we will preserve the total amount you have paid us [less in some cases costs the supplier has paid and can’t get refunded] – some will be held by the supplier and some by us

  • We are unable to accept responsibility for monies not refunded by a supplier but we will still refund you 20% [discretionary] of our commission wherever possible

  • Once monies are paid by us to a supplier we are bound by their terms and conditions with regard to refund, credit or any other outcome and we will do all we can to ensure they meet their obligations

  • Our communication with you will be fully transparent at all times

If you would like to read more about the background behind this policy then here is a link to a more comprehensive explanation


PYT & Cruise

July 2020