At Please Yourself Travel we have a policy of commission sharing with our clients where possible

What that means is best explained with an example

If a package is available from a company for AUD5000 and we have a commission agreement with that company to receive 10% then if we sell to you at company price of AUD5000 we only pay AUD4500 and receive AUD500 commission from the company

There are circumstances where we are prepared to reduce our commission and pass that onto you the client as a discount

So if we sold you the above package for AUD4900 you are getting a AUD100 discount off company price and we get a reduced commission of AUD400

When do we do this - it is more likely if

  • our commission % is high and it is a higher cost booking

  • you are a regular client of ours

  • we are in a generous mood !

Nothing lost by testing us out though on any package before you book it elsewhere

This is not common practice with travel agents and is one of the special services we can offer because we are a small family run business

There are many company packages we might be able to do this with for you and here a few well known examples - there are many more

  • Intrepid

  • Globus

  • Cosmos

  • Avalon

  • Cruise lines

  • G Adventures

  • Insight

  • Trafalgar

  • Peregrine

  • Scenic

  • Rocky Mountaineer

  • AAT Kings

  • Chimu South America

  • African Safari Company


It is not possible with flight bookings as the commission levels are low

Email us and see whats possible

Ginny & Alan Crocker

Please Yourself Travel

February 2019


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Ginny - Owner / Consultant

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