Designing your travel plan is our premium specialist service for independent travellers wanting a customized and personalized holiday developed by experts who listen and deliver what you want

We can build an travel plan from your dream or weld together travel components into a seamless and trouble free itinerary for your trip

We now use Travefy - a software app that updates your itinerary on your device as we work on it and enables you to travel with an electronic version of your itinerary rather than sheets of paper







The steps involved are

  • you come to us with an idea or travel plan

  • we discuss it with you to develop a first draft itinerary

  • we then start to look for options for you with accommodation, transport etc

  • the itinerary goes back and forth between us as it develops further

  • we book everything for you

  • the itinerary is finalized for you

  • we go through the itinerary step by step to ensure you are happy and understand it

  • we provide you with as much information and documentation as you want

  • we keep in touch with you while on the trip

The cost is

  • AUD250 up front non refundable payment to cover our planning research

  • we are paid commission by the service provider for most bookings [so no cost to you]

  • for a non commissioned service booking we charge you up to 10% of the cost [min AUD50] 


The main terms and conditions include

  • you retain the right to do your own booking of any part of your holiday that you find 

  • we expect that if we find a product or service for you then you will allow us to book it

  • we do not engage in “bidding” to match lower prices elsewhere 

travel plan
My travel plan


Thank you Alan and Ginny for taking all our ideas and demands and producing an amazing experience for us. 

Persia, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and a cruise that took us to Jordan, through the Suez, the UAE and Oman to Sri Lanka, all in three months and all with no hiccups. 

Everything was well organised and flowed smoothly, the actual countries were amazing as were the guides on each sector.

It was quite a feat on your part and for us the angst was removed allowing us to relax and enjoy each day and country.


Be ready for our 2021 lists and requests! 

Donna & Peter February 2020

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