This is our premium specialist service for independent travellers wanting a customized and personalized holiday developed by experts who listen and deliver what you want

The steps involved are

  • you come to us with an idea or plan

  • we discuss it with you to develop a first draft itinerary

  • we then start to look for options for you with accommodation, transport etc

  • the itinerary goes back and forth between us as it develops further

  • we book everything for you

  • the itinerary is finalized for you

  • we go through the itinerary step by step to ensure you are happy and understand it

  • we provide you with as much information and documentation as you want

  • we keep in touch with you while on the trip

The cost is

  • AUD250 up front non refundable payment to cover our design work

  • we are paid commission by the service provider for most bookings [so no cost to you]

  • for a non commissioned service booking we charge you up to 10% of the cost [min AUD50] 


The main terms and conditions include

  • you retain the right to do your own booking of any part of your holiday that you find 

  • we expect that if we find a product or service for you then you will allow us to book it

  • we do not engage in “bidding” to match lower prices elsewhere 


Great Job Again


Thanks once again Alan & Ginny for your assistance and guidance with our recent 6 week odyssey through Europe, and the ‘restbreak’ In Thailand. As usual your attention to detail and consideration of our wishes resulted in a flawless trip (with the exception of the bit I booked myself...should have listened to your advice) Finnair Business was a great recommendation and would have no hesitation in flying with them again, and The Sarojin experience in Thailand exceptional....will get you started on 2019 when we can decide between Africa and Canada/Alaska!

Hayden & Nita - October 2018


Alan - Owner / Manager

+61 417 823 935

Ginny - Owner / Consultant

+61 417 814 631


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