A Visa for you.....A Visa for me.....

When planning a holiday it is essential to check visa requirements for any of the countries you are visiting This is also best done early in the planning so you are informed We have recently had to apply for Visas for Ukraine & Azerbaijan & the process has been both time consuming & confusing In the case of Azerbaijan there are strict time limits to respond & the E Visa is non refundable under any conditions [even if not approved or you make an error] - hence the need for thorough research & early planning Also when applying online for a visa or evisa be sure to use the official government website For most countries there are commercial websites made to look very similar and charging a lot more to do it for you

Here are a couple of useful tips / resources 1. With the USA even if you are just passing through on transit it is strongly recommend you have a valid ESTA [online electronic visa] in case for some reason like flight delay or cancellation you do need to enter the USA - here is a link to the official US government website https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/

2. Here is a useful website for Australians to check if you need a visa for a country - they will also do the application for you but the cost is much higher than if you find the countries official government website and do it there https://visasdirect.com.au/

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