All you need is your passport ??????

What if passports are about to go the way of the traveller's cheque and the paper air ticket?

What if the only thing you'll need to travel the world in the near future will be your face?

That time is not so far off. In fact, in some ways it's already here. You would have noticed the increase in biometric security in Australian airports over the past five or six years, in the way a scan of your face is now enough to open e-gates and allow you access to the other side of the airport.

That's a start, but there's a lot more coming. Pretty soon you'll be able to conduct your entire travel experience with your face and fingerprints. You'll be able to check into your flight and drop your luggage, get through security, board the plane, pass security at the other end, pick up your hire car, and then check into your hotel or board your cruise. All with nothing but your face and fingers.

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