What an interesting day yesterday

While trialling some social media tools and landing pages, sign up pages I was using the "Test" email list which is of course just internal

But then for some reason best known to ? I forgot to change the default to "Test" and sent one of the trial PYT NEWS layouts to everyone [550 people]

Quickly followed up with an Oooops email to explain

What is interesting is the mistake connected with some people on the mailing list we hadnt heard from in ages interested in the Caucasus we are going to in 2019

Maybe I should make more mistakes

Anyway the new PYT NEWS format is exciting for us as it will give us a way to share some of the amazing specials out there at the moment and hopefully help you help us to grow our email list by forwarding the PYT NEWS to your friendsOf course any feedback welcome

The first one should hit your inbox very soon and will be fortnightly from then on

Join us and tell your friends

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