Jana Frawley, Editor of Escape, the travel section of our Sunday paper, recently wrote an editorial entitled 'Decisions or No Decisions' which made me think !

We are often planning our holidays to see as much as possible within our time frame & to make our holiday as cost effective as possible so we can go on another one This involves deciding on destinations, what to do when there, where to stay, how long in each place, type of transport between stops, catering for language differences, currency differences etc While the design is interesting, exciting & fun, the itinerary can be quite taxing once away. This is most justified for the above mentioned reasons & of course we want to see & do as much as possible

However, given how hectic many of our current lifestyles are, there is a place for that holiday that requires minimal input, is in one place only & allows you to do as little as possible, and devoid of time frames - i.e. doing what you want when you want

Once the decision has been made to do this type of holiday all that is required is

flights, accommodation, airport transfers, visas or immunisation if required

Should we feel guilty doing this? Certainly not !

It may be

  • a family holiday which allows for leisure activities, quality talking time, doing things together while not under pressure

  • a parents retreat time - quality time together minus routine commitments

  • a relaxation and being pampered time for retirees - no childminding, house chores, entertaining

  • a romantic or a special birthday celebration

Perfectly justified given the hectic environment we currently experience, why not make time to have a 'rest' holiday

We have helped many clients with this type of holiday

Once they have chosen the destination, we research the accommodation options, flights, transfers & visa & immunisation requirements

They make their choices from our research & then just have to wait until their travel dates arrive

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