Over tourism !?

Overtourism is fast becoming one of the most hotly debated issues in the modern age of travel. Thanks to cheaper air fares, rising incomes and social media's ability to laser focus attention on specific destinations, more travelers than ever before are descending on places that can no longer cope with their own popularity.

Delhi, Cairo, Manila, Bangkok and Moscow are unprepared for the surge in travelers expected in the next decade. World Tourism & Travel Council

Machu Picchu has introduced a four-hour time limit for visitors


The Netherlands Tourism Board has stopped promoting Amsterdam as a destination for travelers


Around 30 million tourists descend on the streets of Venice every year

Local demands in Venice to prevent cruise ships passing through the Grand Canal are allied with growing disquiet that day trippers do not spend money at local businesses


Around 2.7 million arrived at Barcelonas port in 2017, up from just 115,000 in 1990.

Tourist taxes raise money but are not slowing the trend

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