Pink Flamingo lovers

I had no idea how many pink flamingo lovers there are in the world until we had clients making sighting flocks of them a high priority on a tour we are designing for them.

So where to find them?

Well different places at different times of the year as with most birds

The clients were going to the US so my research started there and nearby

Well folks Cuba and Mexico are the go !

In Cuba they are at various places along the northern coastline and there is a remote but apparently amazing Rio Maximo Wildlife Refuge not far from Camaguey in central Cuba - tour are available from Camaguey but it is so remote self travel is near impossible

In Mexico we are in the Yucatan Peninsula - at Celestun near Merida November to April and then they migrate to Rio Lagartos on the coast about 1 hour from Valladolid - tours available and Valladolid is a bit of a surprise packet being near Chichen Itza, Cenotes and accessible form Cancun as well

So pink flamingo lovers the mystery is solved and if we get our clients there I will let you know their feedback in a blog post next year

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