....and this comes to you as we have just arrived home from the Caucasus - Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia

Rather than the usual PYT News this is a snapshot of our travels - final edition CAUCASUS - GEORGIA, AZERBAIJAN, ARMENIA

Well folks the bucket list should get even longer ! These countries are gems, as yet largely undiscovered by most tourists outside "domestic" Europeans Visit them soon before they start to experience "over-tourism" as is happening in many of the regular tourist locations

We were surprised by how well developed their tourism infrastructure is given their relatively newfound independence from the USSR but it still has some "raw" characteristics which enhance the appeal However they wont be able to keep up with any rapid increase in tourism numbers - hence go soon !

They are all SAFE, FRIENDLY and PROUD The pride comes from the need to re-establish their identity after being constrained by various others such as the USSR, Russia and Turkey

We have established links to local guides and travel companies who can work with us to design your Caucasus experience, be it a small group tour or privately guided

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