UP UP & AWAY !!!

The time has almost come for us to head off on our overseas trip to the UK, Slovakia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan Are we excited ? Yes we are !! Our family is celebrating a special birthday with my sister in Hampshire. Our son Josh then heads off to India ( for the 2nd year in a row - something special about that intriguing country ) & we go to Pembroke in Wales, Shropshire in England and on to our Eastern European/ Caucuses journey. Keep an eye on our Facebook page & Instagram where we will share our photos We are getting more enquiries about travelling to Eastern Europe & the Caucuses Small group tour companies are offering great trips to these countries with Iran, Israel and Jordan also popular We currently have clients booked on tours to Iran, Georgia & Armenia,Turkey, Egypt - a sign of the times maybe that there is a world beyond Europe & The USA

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