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As we mentioned in our last PYT News now is a good time for planning future travel while we are all grounded.

If Cuba has always been on your ‘to do’ list somewhere please move it up to the top and book now for later in 2020 and 2021.
This is not about Please Yourself Travel but about supporting the Cuban people who rely so heavily, in some cases entirely, on tourism for their income.
Cuban Adventures, the Australian owned Cuba Tour specialist, utilises the skills of Cubans in Cuba to make their tours happen.

The positions include

  • guides

  • admin staff

  • reservations staff

  • hospitality staff – (La Gargola guesthouse)

  • casa particular accommodation hosts [small business owners]

  • drivers


A core philosophy which guided the establishment of this company by John the Australian owner was to provide meaningful employment for Cuban people
This remains a strong company principle and its success is being severely challenged by these very difficult circumstances

Cuban Adventures has been running its tours in Cuba for over 15 years
Cuban Adventures has had to suspend all its tours scheduled for March, April and May 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19 - Corona Virus on Cuba and worldwide.
Cuba had to close its borders last week to all tourism
The result of this is that many Cuban people will be without income for themselves and their families during this indefinite period.
It was these same people who

  • donated to the Australian Bushfire Appeal direct from their [low by our standards] wages in our time of need.

  • gave their time to participate in the Havana Marathon to raise money for the same appeal.


The Cuban doctors and healthcare system in general is recognised as a world leader.

Examples of their global solidarity include Cuban doctors going to

  • Africa during the Ebola crisis.

  • Haiti after after the 2010 earthquake

  • Venezuela post Vargas landslide

  • More recently attending to COVID-19 cases on board a stranded British cruise ship (with no Cuban nationals onboard), which they allowed to dock in Havana when it was refused elsewhere

  • Are currently in Italy assisting the Italian medical staff














Anyone who has been to Cuba will know the Cubans are loving, caring, giving, people who are also resilient when challenges are thrown at them
They have survived many hurricanes and accompanying floods, the Bay of Pigs invasion and the US “interference” and sanctions on their way of life
But the COVID-19 impact on their livelihood may test them like never before.
And if you have been there you will also know how they lead simple but joyful lives with low incomes, rations and limited freedom to travel outside Cuba.
So what else is there to do than visit Cuba as soon as you can

It is an extremely safe and beautiful country full of genuine and engaging people who will welcome you warmly
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